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Dear friends.

For the second time in Athens and for the 37th time so far, the International Guitar Festival that I created in 1978 is happening. It is an artistic and educational project whose value does not need and is not right for me to mention it. This year a concert of the festival will also take place in the newly available (from autumn 2023) hall "I.Despotopoulos", the large hall of the Athens Conservatory. And because nothing is ultimately random, the guitar inaugurations in this hall are done in the best possible way. With the concert of the legendary duo Sergio & Odair ASSAD and the amazing singer and guitarist Badi ASSAD. The rest of the artistic programme, of course, can be found on the Festival website. I will only mention the exceptional Giuseppe Gibboni (1st prize in the violin competition "N.Paganini"-2021), who, together with the excellent guitarist Carlotta Dalia, will offer us a concert with works for violin and guitar and also solo performances. I am happy and proud that this year again the artistic programme of the festival represents the top of the world's guitar events.

The aim of the festival all these years has been the promotion and promotion of young Greek and foreign talented and award-winning guitarists in similar events around the world. Their performances at the festival alongside the greatest guitarists of the last 50 years have been and still are the recognition of their successes and talent, but also the springboard for an international promotion in the world of music and guitar. Audience participation at all concerts also provides the opportunity for this promotion of young people. That is why I and the festival would like to thank all these audiences for the last 40 years and more! Thanks to Kostas Eliades, artistic director of the Underground youth symphony orchestra (composed of promising young Greek musicians) for their participation in the festival. Finally, I would like to thank the Athens Conservatory of Music and the ACCM (Athens Conservatory College of Music) for their support.

37th International Guitar Festival


Cotsiolis Costas


Artistic committee:

Andronoglou Giannis, Kontaxakis Michalis,

Kotronakis Dimitris, Koufoudakis Antonis, Mitsalas Thanos,

Mouzourakis Alexis, Nousis Yorgos, Aniello Desiderio,

Zoran Dukic, Prieto Susana, Ricardo Gallen, Tamayo Marco.


Flamenco Department:

Mastrodimos Socrates


EGTA - Hellas 

Organisational management:

Nousis Yorgos



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