Dear friends,

Thirty five International Guitar Festivals of Volos!

A review is usually required every five or ten, even every fifteen years. But, thirty five years is a whole History. A history of life, of music and especially of guitar that makes someone to recall his own memories and to search the Festival’s site (Guests 1978 – 2018) to see the names of participants from all over Greece and the greater names of the guitar  friends from all over the planet! All these years, every July, guitarists and guitar friends had an appointment in Volos to hear, learn and have fun in the beautiful city.

I could not help it but to feel happy and satisfied and to forget the fatigue and the sacrifices I have done personally for the success of this festival.

I would like to thank all the students who came from all over the world to take part at the Festival all these years as well as all the invited artists whose presence lent authority and reputation to it. Gratitude is due to the donors,   especially to the city of Volos and its bodies (Volos Municipality and DOEPAP), whose contributions helped to make this festival a great success.

I feel happy that this year’s festive atmosphere will be brightened by the presence of Sergio & Odair ASSAD, the duet that has written the history of guitar duets for the past thirty (30) years. Sergio’s compositions have enriched the guitar repertoire. I would also like to dwell on and admire the wish of Michael Kokkinakis (my former student and now a guitar teacher) to become this year's great sponsor of the festival. I would also like to thank the ERT National Symphony Orchestra for inviting the winner of the 1st Prize of the 3rd category for a  concert and recording , co-produced with EGTA-Hellas.

Hope to see all of you in Volos


Costas Cotsiolis



35th International Guitar Festival of Volos


Cotsiolis Costas


Artistic Committee:

Andronoglou Giannis, Kontaxakis Michalis, Kotronakis Dimitris, Mitsalas Thanos, Mouzourakis Alexis, Niarchos Michailagelos, Nousis Yorgos, Prieto Susana,

Desiderio Aniello, Tamayo Marco, Zoran Dukic


Artistic Consultants:

Georgoulas Giorgos, Kokinakis MIchalis, Koletsios Konstantinos, Koufoudakis Antonis, Mpatskinis Argiris, Tsimponis Dimitris Zoumbeki Maria



Composition Competition:

Kanaris Leonidas



Mastrodimos Sokratis


Festival’s Organisation:

EGTA – Hellas

Organizational management:

Nousis Yorgos


Production Manager:

Touloudi Voula



Laskaridou Doreen


Sound Suport:

Koletsios Kostas


Graphic design - Photos – Videos:

Tsialas Giorgos