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(for flute or violin and guitar, or for two guitars)

After the great success of last two competitions, we have the pleasure to announce the holding of the 3rd International Guitar Composition Competition, continuing our contribution to the enrichment and promotion of guitar chamber music.


  • The competition is open to composers of any age and nationality.

  • The musical works should be written for one of the following combination of instruments:

1. Flute (or/and alto) and guitar

2. Violin and guitar

3. Two guitars

Flute could be switched to alto flute during the work.

  • The duration of the work must vary from 5 to 10 minutes.

  • There is no restriction for participation in projects already interpreted publicly, published in any form, or got an award in another contest. Pieces which have been already sent past years to this competition are not accepted.

  • Each composer may participate with as many pieces as he wishes (multiple entry).

  • The closing date for the submission is that of July 12th , 2018.


  • The Judging Committee for the competition consists of Thodoros Antoniou (Chairman), Costas Cotsiolis, Leonidas Kanaris, Apostolos  Paraskevas and Dimitris Kotronakis.


There are three awards:


1st award:

  • Interpretation and live recording or video of the composition in a concert during next Festival (2019).

  • Publication of the composition by the “Panas Music” editions.

  • A money prize of 300 Euros.


2nd award:

  • Interpretation and live recording of the composition in a concert during next Festival (2019).

  • Publication of the composition by the “Panas Music” editions.

  • A money prize of 200 Euros.


3rd award:

  • Interpretation and live recording of the composition in a concert during next Festival (2019).

  • Publication of the composition by the “Panas Music” editions.

  • A money prize of 150 Euros.


  • The participants compete against the high artistic demands of the competition, so the jury reserves the right to withhold (or to divide, or to double) one or more of the prizes. And its judgment is final.

  • On the contrary, the Jury retains the ability to award Honorary Mentions to pieces whose score will approach that of the laureates.

  • The results of the contest will be announced after the end of the Festival, will be posted on the Festival’s website and will be communicated to the winners via e-mail, through which they will also receive a certificate -diploma for this awarding in electronic form.

  • The organizers guarantee the anonymity of the participants. The only announcement shall include the prized works and their composers. Only with the assent of the composers, participating pieces will be shared among interested people seeking relevant repertoire

  • Participation fee is € 30 for the first composition.  For each additional composition the fee is € 20 (multiple entry).

  • The participation fee will be deposited in the account:

  • ALPHA BANK: 01 40 3860 3860 02101051 099 GR14-SWIFT/BIC: CRBAGR                                 in the name: KOTSIOLIS KONSTANTINOS or with PAYPAL using the following email address: (for PAYPAL please include your name and the number of works).

  •      Any bank charges are paid by the participant.


  • On the score itself there will be not the name of the composer. A five-digit number (irregular please) of the composers’ choice will be written instead.

  • The works will be sent by e-mail in PDF format (including as name of the file: “score” and the five digit number) at the address:


  •      Also, along with the score will be sent in separate files:

  • The completed entrance form for the competition (titled: the EF plus the 5-digit number).

  • Scanned copy (in pdf format) of the deposit slip, entitled file: DS plus the 5-digit number.

  • The registration form can be downloaded HERE


  • In cases of multi – entering, each piece will be submitted with its own five digit number, a separate registration form for each participation and total bank receipt.

  • All projects with their accompanying files will be sent with the same e-mail.

  • Possible recording of the composition (regular or midi), although optional, is welcome and sent in mp3 or aiff format (together with the other accompanying files) with name of the file: RE plus the five digit number. If the size is too large, please send it by “We transfer”.

  • Τhe participants declare that, if awarded a prize, they will promptly send separate parts of the instruments and they will allow (without pay) the above mentioned performances and sound or/and video recordings of their work.

  • The compositions that will get the prizes will be published (if unpublished) under the terms already used by the above publishers for their repertoire productions.

  • Participation in the contest implies automatic acceptance of the above terms.

  • More details for the above, if needed, can be obtained by Leonidas Kanaris, who is responsible for the composition contest at the adress:  or at the telephone number: 0030 69760 68108

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